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October 27th, 2021

SLS South Beach
Hyde Beach Club

This October 27th…An Award-Winning Keynote Speaker And Angel Investor, The Founders Of Boxy Charm And Hoverboard Are All Banding Together In Miami For…

A Rare Talk On How They Built Generational Wealth From The Scratch

…And How Anyone Else Can Build Theirs Too.
The behemoths of investing will be sharing the exact secret recipes for what worked for them in creating the generational wealth and how they plan to further jack it up with the ‘what’s working now’ strategies they’re using currently.
Investing genius, Didi Wong will be speaking on how she picks the industry she invests in and how she starts investing to add multiple zeroes to her bottom line in industries that aren’t very common like Real Estate, Cryptos and Stocks. Besides, she will spill beans on the concept of ‘Alternative Investing’.
With over $500MM in sales by 2020, Yosef Martin will be speaking on how he started Boxy Charm, scaled it to a multi-million mega beauty empire. Plus, he will be taking on the stage to share everything he knows about starting, scaling and exiting a business.
Hoverboard Fad cofounder, Max Ringelheim will be delivering a talk on how his hoverboard business generated 7 figures in sales revenues within 8 weeks and established partnerships with dozens of notable celebrities. Founder of ‘When Going Viral’ will be sharing about the viral rise and sudden fall of Hoverboard.
Intrigued? Great! Keep reading on to find out how their golden nuggets will help you start on a journey to create a generational wealth.

Before that, Melitsa wants to take just 30 seconds to remind you that…

My friend!

If you’re a business owner who has just started and want to pick brains of the juggernauts who are already there where you want to be and work with and build some serious and long-lasting networks with them…
You’re a seasoned entrepreneur who is looking for a home-run opportunity for your business that scales it to the next figures…
You want to attend this event because by the time you see this page, over 70% of the slots will have already been filled by the biggest players in the industry, some of whom have been attending this event since it ever started…
So there’s a serious number of business owners for you to connect with, learn from and if you play the networking cards right, your roadmap to the next figures you aim for in your business.
You don’t need to take my word for it because…

Here's What Others Say


Founder of Brandstrom – A Personal Branding Agency

DJ Thielen

Real Estate Investor Mentor/Coach


Founder of Authors Unite

Kristina Centnere

Neuro Marketer & Serial Entrepreneur
I could go on and on…
The event kicks off at 7 PM EST and we’ll jump right into the EPIC stuff with…

Didi Wong

Featured as ‘the woman who means business’ in Oprah magazine and awarded ‘woman of the decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital’, Didi Wong will reveal the many other ways to invest and not just in Stocks and Real Estate which are the most common industries people invest in.
If you haven’t been able to pick an industry to invest in or don’t know the figures you should start investing with…

Didi is going to answer how she starts investing in a new industry and where to look for those ‘off the market’ opportunities.

Yosef Martin

Founder of the largest full-size beauty box in the world: Boxycharm, Yosef founded Merchandize Liquidator with $375 to his name.
He scaled the business to more than $10MM in sales by 2012. Inc. named his company the fastest-growing one in the nation.
Yosef used the profits to start Boxycharm in 2013 which now is a whale in the beauty company with $500MM in sales.

He will be sharing how he started the company and scaled it using the marketing methods he had found an algorithm for without a Venture Capitalist…

Also, he will speaking on

Max Ringelheim

Max co-launched hoverboards which quickly rose to widespread popularity worldwide in 2015. He is also the founder of an emerging media company ‘When Going Viral’ which educates the businesses about the positives and negatives of going viral.
Max is going to share his story about how his hoverboard company PhunkeeDuck rose to generating millions in sales to taking a hit later which resulted in him exiting the company.
Also, he will be disclosing the risks associated with going viral and how to control virality properly.

SLS Hotel

1701 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139
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