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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Strawberry Moon Pool Deck @
The Good Time Hotel
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Do you have a tech idea scribbled on a napkin?


Have you invested some money and built a Minimal Viable Tech Product?


Are you a Cash-Flowing tech company looking to accelerate?


Are you interested in tech and you want to learn about the latest innovations before anyone else?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then our next EPIC Talks is a must as we host 10X Incubator in the Wolves Den.

Think Shark Tank but even cooler as we have entrepreneurs from South Florida pitching their tech ideas to a panel of judges with decades of experience building, scaling, and selling tech companies.

TWD-Jarrod Glandt

Jarrod Glandt
President of Cardone Enterprises

the world’s premier sales and management training company. He also co-hosts the weekly webcast series focused on millennial business and success, “Young Hustlers”. Graduating from California State University San Marcos with a degree in Business Administration, Jarrod spent time in the auto, real estate, and media services industry. He has also worked in sales and marketing within the asset management, analysis and finance fields. His remarkable working relationship with social media star Grant Cardone started in 2010 and guided by that mentorship he is now a multi-millionaire and in the top one-percent income bracket of his peer group. Jarrod lives with his wife Sandra, and their two sons Jake and Jordan, in Hollywood, Florida.”


Jared Yellin
Co-Founder of 10X Incubator

Non-technical tech founder who found a way to scale his original tech company with ZERO dollars invested to over 40,000 paying users from around the world declared a moonshot in April of 2020. “I will build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years.” This moonshot has been heard far and wide as some of the most influential people in the tech industry are yearning to play a role. 10X Incubator will democratize the tech industry by creating an even playing field for all.


Eric Nowoslawski
VP of Growth of 10X Incubator

Since the beginning of his career, Eric has always been passionate about helping others grow their business. From Co-Founding a startup straight out of college to growing the largest Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey, Eric has an enthusiasm for acceleration that he brings to every company in 10X Incubator.


Nick Sarnicola
Founder of Catalyst Group

A self-made decamillionaire by age 35, while leading a 100,000+ person sales force, his innovation of leadership systems and strategies produced high-performing teams in nearly 20 countries, creating more than 70 millionaires. Sarnicola is most well-known for founding the health and wellness direct sales company ViSalus in 2005.


Jonathan Foltz
Visionary, philosopher, futurist, and Tech Investor.

Has had 3 exits & created 4, million-dollar brands in the last 5 years in 4 different industries:

Has worked with high-level politicians, Fortune 500 companies, in intelligence, and with global brands like Audi, NOKIA, CocaCola, & others.
Has a specialty in high-growth in eCommerce, blockchain & technology.

Owner of multiple eCommerce brands, started 28 companies, and is accountable for over 100Million in revenue made online.

Here's What Others Say


Founder of Brandstrom – A Personal Branding Agency

DJ Thielen

Real Estate Investor Mentor/Coach


Founder of Authors Unite

Kristina Centnere

Neuro Marketer & Serial Entrepreneur

The Strawberry Moon Pool Deck

The Good Time Hotel

601 Washington Ave

Miami Beach FL 33139

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