Hello Epic Talks Community!

Hope this message finds everyone well. Unfortunately because of the Corona virus we are forced to cancel Epic Talks this month. We are praying for all of this madness to come to an end soon.
Thanks to all of you who have been part of this amazing community of leaders and amazing people!  Epic Talks feels like a family to a lot of us. Sending you guys love and positive energy!

Want leave you all with a Motivational Quote I received from a friend this morning:

Motivational Quote of the Day

Rise to the challenges:

The most effective actions are usually not the easiest actions. Fortunately, when life asks much of you, you’re able to deliver.

You can call upon your strength, and that strength increases. You can choose to act with responsibility, imparting more and more value to your responsible behavior.

You can determine what is best, and discipline yourself to adopt it. You can encounter ever-growing challenges, and improve your capabilities as you work through them.

You’re smart enough to choose competence over convenience. You’re enlightened enough to know that the quality of life depends on your level of commitment.

The world is often a treacherous place, yet your journey through it can result in great success. And all along your path you will leave life much better than you found it.

Rise again and again to the challenges. For you know that to the extent you do, everyone benefits.

Stay safe everyone!


Melitsa Waage
Epic Talks Founder