Epic Talks Conference Women’s Edition

Powerful Goddess!! You are not alone on this journey we call life. We are a vessel that the universe, God, Buddha, Jesus or whatever you respectfully would like to call it… for all of us to share our purpose and mission in life to impact the world in a way nobody else can. We give life to humans!!! Do you have any idea what that means? How powerful you are??? Yet most of us tend to forget the essence of our female soul, energy and gift! The Epic Talks Women’s Conference is here to illuminate your life so that you can take charge of your future and step into your KINGDOM as the QUEEN that you are to make an impact in this WORLD!! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

The World is ready for you to step into your GREATNESS and that is exactly what this event will allow you to do!

What you will learn:

  • How to maximize your daily routines to become the best version of you.
  • Secrets and tools from top entrepreneurs on how to thrive in your businesses.
  • How to become a top leader in your industry.
  • How to conquer your mindset so that you can set yourself up to win in your finances, relationships and businesses.
  • How to focus, organize and be productive everyday!
  • How to create a healthy and fulfilling life regardless of your circumstances.
  • Discover your purpose and passion for life.
  • How to advertise to your ideal market.
  • How to maximize your relationships.
  • Beauty, fitness , health tips from our celebrity MC Jennifer Nicole Lee
  • How to become a published author
  • How to land editorials
  • How to gain international exposure
  • Writing secrets for your books.
  • How to become a powerful International Spokes Model on Live TV
  • How to get booked on prime TV Shows
  • How to build your social media following

Amazing Female Transformational Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

  • Melitsa Waage
  • Natalia Kern
  • Sandi Glandt
  • Jennifer Nicole Lee
  • Kristina Krescent
  • Marie
  • Maya

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